Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Update

David has been progressing all weekend. He's very weak as you can imagine but he's starting to eat normal food (i.e. not broth and applesauce) and he's taking some of his meds by mouth again plus asking for meds that they had previously cut him off from.  I keep checking with the nurses to find out if I can give him things like his coumadin and they're saying things like "there's no reason to give him that at this point"  That's somewhat upsetting because if feels like they're saying they don't want him to prolong his life.  That may not actually be what they're saying but I'm thinking that I'm going to be calling the dr first thing in the morning to find out what exactly we *should* be doing rather than what the nurses are saying. 

Yesterday I got a massage, the first of 3, that my mom and Rose & Tim got me for my birthday (it's tuesday!) The lady comes to the house and everything!  What a nice treat.  Thanks! Yesterday we had family visit from out of town which was nice even though Dave was too tired to spend time with people and Tim and Rose held down the fort while I got my massage, then my brother Jaeger and his fiance Sara came over with little baby Gabriella. Our new niece! YAY! While Gabby was sleeping and Dave was awake we laid the baby on his chest to take a little nap.  He needed his baby fix! It was really nice to be able to spend time alone with them and hang out.  Jaeger played video games with Owen which O really liked since he's not all that keen on babies. 

Today was the first quiet day we've had in a long time.  We're on something of a routine and it was nice to just hang out and nap and talk and watch silly TV and relax.  Seriously, yay for naps!  We really love and appreciate the visits but we're also appreciating our quiet time as well. 

It's a lot of work making sure we stay on schedule and I can't say I'm perfect but it's manageable.  We're just trying to stay ahead of the pain and still keep him as healthy as possible.   We're hoping he'll be up in the wheel chair soon but for now I'm just sitting him up in bed for short periods to try to adjust to being upright again.

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