Monday, January 16, 2012

Ah sweet progress!

Today was a good day.  David got out of bed bright and early for breakfast and stayed up pretty much until 2:15 when he took a quick nap then got back up for radiation.  YAY! Radiation!  Seriously never thought we'd be celebrating that... perspective I guess.

He had 3 physical therapy sessions and 1 occupational therapy session, I think they were making up for yesterday.  His muscles are going to be so sore tomorrow.  I hope he can get comfortable in a while and get some good rest, he earned it! 

There was a minor bump in the road as far as chemo is concerned.  Insurance requires that it be sent through a mail order pharmacy and they didn't get their act together quickly enough to send it out for arrival today... or even shipping today... so it will be shipped tomorrow for arrival on wednesday.  We talked to the dr about it and he wasn't at all concerned as long as it's within a week of starting radiation.  Dave also got some fun new meds today.  Coumadin for the DVT (deep vein thrombosis, blood clots) and two anti-nausea meds for treatments Zofran and Compazine.  Plus he gets occasional advil, valium, and oxy for muscle discomfort.  The guy is like a walking pharmacy!   I asked the local pharmacy if we could just pick up there and they said insurance wouldn't cover it.  I asked if we could purchase a single day worth out of pocket so she checked on the price.  $300+ for ONE DAY!  Um, yeah, we'll wait for the mail order thank you very much.  Thank God for insurance!  It's never been a better time to work for the insurance company!

Owen and I took him thai food for dinner after his treatment and sat there listening to another patient recount his stories from WWII and the Korean War.  Colorful gentleman that had somehow cornered David as his captive audience.  The guy could barely hear a thing but had a lot of fun loudly retelling the stories like they happened yesterday and complaining about the government, especially the TSA's treatment of older women!  The nerve!  My favorite was him rambling on about being stationed in California and blah blah (I zoned out) My General, General Travis this and that and then his plane crashed and "That's why it's named Travis Airforce Base" I should have paid more attention to the story!  It's interesting to see who is in rehab for what.  Most of the patients seem to be recovering from strokes and David appears to be the only one with a spinal injury and all the current patients are men.  I don't think that's by design, just a strange coincidence. Dave is also the youngest by at least 10 years from what we can tell.

I hope tonight he gets some good sleep, I had to nag him to remember to take pain meds.  He has to ask for them since they are on an as needed basis. He stops taking them because he feels fine (because he took them) and then they get out of his system and he lays there uncomfortable for hours.  Men!  Some day he'll learn.  Or he'll just have to deal with me nagging him.  I'd rather nag than have him in pain.

So today starts a 5 and a half week journey through radiation.  So far no nausea, let's hope that trend continues! We're so relieved to have a positive day, we all needed it.

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