Monday, January 30, 2012

Someone's Having A Case of the Mondays

Today was a sleepy day.  Not sure why but Dave was extraordinarily sleepy today and just couldn't quite wake up.  His pain is pretty much under control with the morphine and the occasional advil and the nurse said he could cut back on the anti-seizure meds so that will help him not be quite so tired as well.  I hope that works for him.

Right now we're trying to decide if he should stay on hospice or move to home health and if he should do chemo still (have calls in to the dr but he hasn't called back which is super frustrating) and if he can take the coumadin again and and and... Just a huge list of things we're unsure about right now.  On top of that all the other things we have to get done or want to get done.

Tomorrow is my birthday, Yay!  For my birthday I think I want some answers, I don't even mind if they aren't gift wrapped. ;) 

I'm not sure if we'll be able to transport Dave to/from dr's visits and chemo treatments regardless of what the dr wants to do because even being jostled around today by the bath aide wore him out so much that he pretty much slept the whole rest of the day.  I wish there was something I could do to give him more energy. If I knew I would certainly do it.  So I'm letting him sleep and trying to take care of other things and stay busy and productive.  I think the most productive thing I could have done is to take a nap though. 

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