Monday, January 23, 2012

Tomorrow... the song

Today marks 20 days in hospitals.  It all seems so incredibly fast even though it's been nearly an entire month.  It's fast and slow at the same time, does that even make sense?  It feels like we're always waiting for tomorrow but I think the quality of that wait time has changed.  It used to feel frantic and like tomorrow would never come but now it feels like I barely remember yesterday so it's a good thing I wrote down what was going on.  I can't tell you how many times I've looked at my posts to remind myself on which day something happened.

This weekend was busy.  So busy in fact that I don't feel like we accomplished much except surviving which given the circumstances is a notable accomplishment.  David's progress with the arm movement seems to have slowed to a halt although today he was able to feed himself a bit, flip channels with the remote and talk on the phone to his sister.  Really it's the first time he's talked on the phone this week so that's an accomplishment in and of itself.  He's not generally one for the phone to begin with.  I don't know if the strides are improvement with the nerves or just learning more muscle control.

Today the visits were family and best friends.  I've been saying I don't know what we'd do without this core group of supporters but really I do know.... and it's not pretty. ;)

My parents each brought us food from Addi's (our favorite local diner) this weekend to help stave away the doldrums of 20 days of hospital food. Thank you!  Addi even tossed in goodies she knows we like and brought a little sunshine to our day.  You go above and beyond, girl!  <3 Thanks.

We had some little visitors who lifted our spirits.  David wasn't feeling confident enough in his dexterity to hold our tiny niece so I laid her on his chest for a minute so he could absorb some of her serious amounts of cuteness!  My bff's little girl looked out the window with me and we talked about all the things outside and my little brother kept us entertained as usual.  I saw my niece again later at my Dad's house and got to spend a little more cuddle time with her.  Watching a baby sleep is, in my opinion, one of life's simplest pleasures.  The little faces and the noises and ... ahhhh, my heart is happy.  We had a little eye contact bonding time and I'm so thankful at the generosity of my brother and Sara sharing her with all of us.  Having her really was their best idea ever! *high five*

Owen had a good and busy weekend.  I'm fairly certain he'd almost rather live there than here at this point.  He misses us but he doesn't miss the situation.  I don't blame him one little bit.

Tomorrow David and I will meet with the home care coordinator.  I have a million questions that I hope they can answer.  I'm eager and hopeful and want to know what I can do right now to get this ball rolling.  I feel like every day we're learning so much and everything we learn just sparks up so many more questions.

For some reason I have the song "Tomorrow" from Annie stuck in my head.... (now you do too, you're welcome)

"You gotta hang on til tomorrow, come what may."


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