Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthdays, Rose Bowls and Dr Pepper

Dave had another sleepy day for the most part.  It's my birthday and I got to get out and run some errands with Rose while my Nana hung out with Dave (read: watched him sleep) When I got home he was up for a little while and ate some lunch (yay!) and chit chatted for a little bit.  I got him all settled and let him rest up for the party.

I got some flowers for my birthday from a friend and from Dave's aunt, it really brightens up the place.  Now I just have to keep them away from Bob, the cat.  He LOVES flowers... in his mouth.  HA!  Naughty kitty. 

Tonight my Dad stopped by for a few minutes to wish me a happy birthday and then my Mom and Nana came over.  Mom took Owen to pick out thai food and she brought angel food cake, because a birthday isn't a birthday without cake!  I woke Dave up and gave him some Dr Pepper and he had some dinner and cake with us. Probably more cake than dinner but a man  has to have priorities.  After everyone left we settled in for the evening and cuddled up to watch the Rose Bowl that's been sitting on the DVR for the last month.  Normally football isn't for cuddling but we made an exception.  I can't believe he stayed awake so long!  What a wonderful birthday!  Having him here with us and being able to spend such quality time together is everything I could have wished for. 

I called the dr again and the nurse told me he was going to call at the end of the day but it's 11:00pm and he hasn't called.  I'm guessing he's not going to today.  Oh well.  We're trying not to be frustrated but I'll be calling first thing in the morning... again... to see if we can get a hold of him.  This is the problem with having a busy doctor, he's good at what he does from all that we've heard but he's ridiculously hard to get on the phone. It's a little disheartening.  On the bright side we got notification from insurance saying that the IV chemo is pre-approved so theoretically we CAN do it... assuming we can get Dave out of the house and that the dr actually contacts us. 

Owen has an appointment to get his braces adjusted tomorrow after school.  Thankfully Nana is going to take him for me so I don't have to leave David.  I'm glad he's maintaining some normalcy.  Ooh he got his report card today, all A's except for one B.  Awesome job!  Especially considering everything that's going on at home.  He's a trooper and we love him!  2 weeks until his 13th birthday.  A teenager!  ACK! ;)

I'm so thankful for the day we've had even though we didn't get every bit of info we wanted.  I'm just thankful that we had the opportunity to spend quality time as a family.  The outpouring of love from friends and family really means a lot to both of us.  It helps David to know that while we're caring for him others are caring for us. Thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! <3

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  1. Happy birthday, happy Rose Bowl, and happy report card! Sounds like a great day.