Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of High School...

Summer? What Summer?

I know it's been a while, I don't have an excuse except that focusing on one thing is hard. Harder than it should be sometimes. Occasionally things get a little beyond my grasp and this blog is sometimes one of those things.

So a quick update: David is doing well. Much better than we anticipated.  He has lost a little additional control of his right hand and over the last few days we've noticed that his left hand is starting to get a little.... floppy? Not an accurate word for it but we notice that he's holding it a little more like he holds his right hand when he's not thinking about it. It curls up on him and his ring finger occasionally droops. He still has feeling although there is a more pronounced numbness in the tips of his fingers and sometimes the nerves in his palm spaz out. Spaz... heh. it's totally a medical term. ;) So far he's still agile enough to use his phone but he tires quickly.

My dad and stepmom rented us a wheelchair van for a few days in early august. The first day went to see Despicable Me 2, cute and lighthearted which is just what we needed. The next day we went to Florence then drove up to Newport and back home through Salem to see my mom's new cat and because David NEEDED Popeye's.  We don't have a Popeye's in Eugene. The third day we got going early (ok noon, don't judge us) and went out to the Scandinavian Festival then I returned the van. It was a VERY busy few days but it was like our summer vacation!  We got to leave the house!! We were all completely wiped out all weekend after that. It was fun but it was a lot of work and we're very thankful we were able to do that.

So not much else has been going on. Same old same old mostly. Owen started high school today. I agonized over a letter I wrote to the principal(s), his counselor and his teachers letting them know what's going on at home. It would be good for me to meet his teachers but meeting 9 teachers and 4 administrators and his counselor and talking to all of them about it seems daunting. For the same reasons I write this blog (to not have to repeat myself) I just wrote them a letter.  I'll meet them eventually but for now typing is good.

This morning before he left I gave him a big hug and we had this little exchange:
O: "You're totally gonna cry"
Me: "No I'm not"
O: "Yes you are."
Me: "No I'm not, don't be a brat"
O: "You're going to wait until I leave, then you're going to cry"
Me: "I'm going to cry because you're such a brat"

 Then we giggled.

I may or may not have gotten a little misty about him leaving. I may or may not be a little misty right now. He loves it when I cry because he's growing up. I think it makes him feel accomplished or something. He's not really growing up until mom cries about it.  HA!

He is doing marching band and had two weeks of camp before school started.  This weekend he got to play with the University of Oregon's marching band. They let alumni and high schoolers play with them during the first game because not all the college students have arrived to fill up the band. He got a t-shirt and got to play in the stands and on the field during half time. SO EXCITING!  He found it funny that since the game was against Nicholls State and the Ducks were favored by 56 points they learned the Oregon Fight Song and were told, "We play this every time we score.... so we'll probably be playing this a lot."  Sometimes he gets stressed in un-familiar or new situations until he gets comfortable so we were a tiny bit concerned that he'd be overwhelmed but he had a blast. He was there from 7 am - 5:30 pm and he was in such a good mood and had so much fun. Everything about it was great. We're thrilled he could participate in that and hope he continues with Marching Band all through high school.

I'll try to update more often but no promises. I'm hoping to pull out of this funk soon but I'm kind of operating at a base level right now and my motivation only amps up far enough to do what I HAVE to do and not much else. So until next time, no news is good news!