Sunday, March 31, 2013

Still here!

Hi strangers!

I know it's been a while since I've posted, every time I sit down to write the words just don't come to me so I'll try to summarize. Dave and Owen recovered from their colds nicely and I thankfully never got it. We all three had birthdays, low key quiet birthdays. 40, 37 and 14... I'll let you guess who's age is whose.  lol

Basically the last couple months have been a roller coaster. We hit a lot of one year milestones and they've just been difficult to navigate. We're kind of out of the shocked stage and on to actually dealing with everything that's happened in the last year. I'm kind of a fan of the idea of going back into shock. In shock I was managing just fine. Now I'm kind of up and down and having a harder time managing. Pretty much only thing things that HAVE to be done are getting done at this point and I'm ok with that. I even turned down some stuff people wanted me to volunteer for, that was hard to do. I was away from the house for 6 hours one day helping with a fundraiser at the school (that I helped to organize). Tim came to the house and hung out with Dave and while I was at school I realized that I haven't been away from home that long in a whole year. That wears on me sometimes. I can't imagine what it must do to Dave who has much greater wanderlust than I do.

A quick overview update of things. Not much has changed. Dave is taking some new meds to try to get rid of the tingling in his right hand. It annoyed him so much he held on to his hand pretty much constantly. Now he's taking a new med, Neurontin, and it's helping that pain but it's also making him more clumsy and a little bit forgetful. We're trying to decide the best course of action. He's also having side effects from the steroids he's on but they're helping his shoulder and neck pain so much that he can't really bear to go off them.  He decided to suffer through the inconvenient side effects for the more beneficial effects. It's hard to know exactly what to do to make things better since all the meds have side effects and interact in different ways.

I'll write more later but those are the main points I wanted to touch on and to say that yes, I know I've gotten multiple emails from some of you and no I'm not avoiding replying, I've just got too much on my mind and plate to reply at the moment but we're here and we're fine (relatively) and we're just plugging along and doing the best with what we have.