Monday, December 3, 2012

Traditional Sniffles

So Owen has a cold.  Not sure where he picked up that little piece of lovely, school probably with all the rest of the germy kids but that's not really something we need around here. He's taken to knuckle bumping instead of hugs and kisses before bed. I hope he gets better soon.  Today he took a can of soup and a bowl to heat it up in for lunch (they have microwaves) I thought it was cute.  He's not sick enough to stay home, just sick enough to be whiny.  I hope Dave doesn't get it. We don't normally get sick a lot around here but when we do it's usually this time of year. Yay.

Dave has been ridiculously tired lately.  He spent a good part of last week napping.  We think it might be the allergy medicine.  He took Allegra for a while and I've always taken Zyrtec because those work better for each of us.  Allergy season was over so he stopped taking it and then started getting migraines.  We don't know for sure that's what caused the migraines because he isn't having allergy symptoms per se and correlation doesn't equal causation and all that but we figured he should start taking it again so we can rule it out.  So... I gave him Zyrtec because I was out of Allegra.  It could be why he's been so tired. Today I'm switching it back for the A and we'll see if that fixes the napping problem.  He kept apologizing but I think it's probably ok if he sleeps.

His last big migraine was the week before Thanksgiving.  He was taking a new antibiotic (Septra) and it was making his stomach hurt with severe nausea (if he can feel it it's severe) which turned into a migraine and throwing up etc etc. I was at a PTO meeting and I got a text message then an immediate panicky phone call from Owen so I came home.  Ugh.    The hospice/dr's office have Septra listed as an "allergy" now even though I don't think it's a true allergy they don't want to risk him getting it again since he doesn't tolerate it.  That was even with the anti-nausea meds! You better believe we'll remember the name of that antibiotic!

This week Owen has a community service project at school for national jr honor society so he'll spend some part of wednesday night doing that.  I'm feeding teachers on wednesday but Dave has Chemo so I'll have to get the food tuesday and leave it in the fridge at school and someone else will have to handle it. (yay for having more than just a couple people active on the PTO this year!) Thursday I have parent/teacher conferences and Owen has a half day then friday he gets the day off.  Lucky dog. I feel like I'm missing a couple of things but I'm sure I'll figure them out really quickly. I write things on my calendar but I'm getting a little more forgetful.

My weight loss has kind of stalled out at 28 lbs lost (in 12 weeks, not bad) but I think this means I need to actually go back to the gym. I went for a while then got too busy (or lazy, whatever)It's a little frustrating that it was just falling off to begin with and now I'm actually having to work at it.  I know for sure I'd feel better and have more energy if I went but actually getting there is a whole other thing entirely. I'm putting the pro in procrastinate. ;) 

Owen and I did get a tree this weekend. I need to put the lights on it today (usually Dave's job) and we'll decorate it tonight. There are things that I didn't think would be such a big deal like getting the tree without D but they ended up being a little more difficult than I expected.  I imagine a lot of things will be like that but I'm trying to take comfort in knowing that we're not doing them WITHOUT him, he's just not physically present for some of it but he's still here to talk to and work through things with.  At some point that may not be the case and I'm hoping that because we've had transition time it will make things a little bit easier.  I let Dave pick the colors for the decorations since we kind of switch it up every year. I'll post pictures when we finish.  There will definitely have to be some White Christmas watching at some point.

We don't have a lot of traditions but that is one of them.

Oh yeah, and I don't know if we'd call it a tradition but we do have a bit of one. No angels on the top of the tree.  Growing up we always had an angel and the first few years David and I were together we had an angel on the tree... until the one year when we had a bunch of baby spiders... and one crawled across the angel's face.  HA! EW! NO! Stars... yeah...  stars are nice on the top of the tree.  I think we'll stick with stars.  LOL