Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Today was not without speed bumps but the bottom line is HE'S HOME! YAY!

As soon as he got home the cats all came in the bedroom to investigate and Freckles laid on the bed all stretched out with him and kept him company for hours.  It's good to be home.

Of course because of the strange schedule David somehow got a bit dehydrated and his neck is hurting from being jostled around so much and he ended up with a migraine.  Welcome home, here's a migraine!  I got him pretty drugged up (safely drugged... if there is such a thing) and he's sleeping now.  YAY FOR SLEEP!

Tomorrow the nurse from home health comes to check in on things and offer her expertise. I know we've already come so far but I feel like this journey has just begun and I've got a list in my head a mile long of things I know I need to do and learn but I just can't get them out in any kind of orderly fashion.  Handy.

One kind of cool thing I realized today, we've had a large whiteboard hanging on the wall in our bedroom for years.  I know, totally classy decor.  It's an excellent way to keep track of med schedules and things like that, kind of like they have in the hospital. I never knew it would serve a functional purpose other than drawing pictures and jotting down random shopping list items. I'm more organized in some regards than I ever thought I'd be and in other regards... yeah... not so much!

I'm super tired so I'm cutting this short again tonight but I wanted to say a quick thank you to Tim and Rose for everything they've been doing lately.  You're really kind of orchestrating EVERYTHING I don't have time/energy/know-how to do and we love you both for all of it.  You're finding us resources for things and people we didn't even know we needed resources for.  You pretty much rock and stuff.  ;) Thanks!

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  1. It was so good meeting Rose and Tim. What wonderful friends you have. You are so very fortunate. Thinking of you constantly, my dear.