Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stay Plucky!

It's already Saturday?  When did that happen?  This whole week has been one long day.

Today I gave in and asked for some help cleaning the garage.  My longtime BFF from school directed the Nanas in cleaning our garage.  Well, I should really say restacking our garage because it's not exactly clean but there is space and that was really the immediate need.  David often tells me that I don't necessarily clean so much as I move piles around. (He's right but don't tell him I said that) They're my kind of "cleaners"  All jokes aside it's a big relief to have some space in there to move furniture out of the living room in prep for Dave being able to come home.

The palliative care dr stopped by for a second to let us know that on friday she put in some orders for a hospital bed to be delivered and to find out about coordinating care.  We won't know anything until monday or tuesday when we'll go over the whole shebang. Fingers crossed.  For now we're just along for the ride.

Dave was doing fairly well today, there seems to be slow gradual progression of mobility in the arms/hands and he says the pins and needles feeling isn't quite as bad in his right arm.  He practiced his dexterity a lot, practice makes perfect! His energy level is not as high as it was a few days ago but there could be a million reasons for that.  Chemo, antibiotics, lack of sleep, reduction of steroids, being jostled around constantly, having been laying down for 4 whole days.  He can sit up in bed if I sit the back of the bed up but since he has no core strength he can't really hold himself in that position for long without slumping down and that gets uncomfortable.  I'm still helping him eat at mealtimes (and yes I'm eating also since everyone keeps asking me) and today I was noticing that he has pretty good mobility even though he isn't (wasn't?) left handed and he could probably start to do more for himself when it comes to meals.  I think he just likes it when I do it.  hahaha. I can't begrudge him that.  Take what you can get, man!

We had a slower steady stream of visitors today which was nice.  We saw a few unexpected and very much appreciated faces who came to offer support and to share their lives with us which is always nice.  Even though we're going through this less than ideal situation we are aware that others have their own trials as well.  Our current adventure doesn't take away from what anyone else is going through and we are glad that you still share your lives, both good and bad aspects, with us as well.  It's good for us to keep things in perspective and part of that perspective is that life goes on.  

Some of Owen's friends got together to go to a movie so that was a good distraction for him.  THANK YOU!  Yesterday I brought him a sleeping bag and his pillow from home for his little slumber party with the wolfe family and he texted me first thing to say thanks for that because it helped him sleep like a brick.  I think I need to get my hands on that pillow and sleeping bag!  3-4 hours of sleep a night just isn't going to cut it!   I got lectured this morning about how I should take something to help me sleep but I don't feel right about doing that right now.  If he needs me in the middle of the night I don't want to be drugged up.  Maybe after he comes home and I don't necessarily have to DRIVE anywhere to take care of him.  Did I mention I hope that's soon.. I don't think I did today.

Once upon a time someone I look up to told me I'm plucky and to stay that way.  I had never thought of myself as such but in time I grew to embrace the title.  Through this whole thing I've been telling myself to stay plucky.  My dear dear amazing friends from all over the country have been sending me cards and love with notes and reminders about staying plucky.  I've even joked that I should spend my time the hospital room cross stitching a little picture that says "Stay Plucky".  You know... in all my free time. ;)  

Tonight I got home and got the mail, first time in a few days, and had a large envelope from a dear friend.   In the envelope was a whole bunch of purple rubber "livestrong" type bracelets stamped with "STAY PLUCKY!"  I admit that when I figured out what they were I took a minute to cry about it, not sad tears but because I am so touched.  I'm going to wear them all up and down my arms like Madonna in the 80s. (no I'm not.  lol...)  I AM going to wear it and share them with others and encourage people to remember that a sense of humor and a solid support group can take you a lot further than you ever thought you could go. 

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