Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Update

Today was productive but mostly I'm writing to say that tomorrow David has an appointment at the Dr's office at 10:40.   We'll know for sure if the dr thinks he's strong enough to get the Avastin and if Dr gives the go ahead he's getting it right then, lickety split!

We expect tomorrow to be a long slow day but that's ok as long as something productive is happening.  I made sure that transport knows we need 2 people, I'll call in the morning to confirm.  I lined up people to be here to help me move Dave from the bed to the chair and back again. I could probably do it myself but it would be safer for 2 people so we'll go that route.  We also go the Temodar in the mail so I guess we start that tomorrow as well.  OH BOY!  I expect that Dave will be a tired puppy on his birthday.  Luckily he spends a lot of time in bed... the perfect place to sleep!

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, that everything goes smoothly and he makes it there and back without incident.  It will be his first time outside in over a month!  The poor guy must have a raging case of cabin fever!

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