Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Birthday Aftermath

Yesterday and today were the fantastic birthday extravaganza.  Last night my mom and my brother's family came down to visit from Salem.  It was a great family dinner.  I made Shepherd's pie at Owen's request(first time I've cooked since Dave's been home) and Dave got up in the wheel chair, ate dinner at the table with the family and stayed up for about an hour and a half before asking to lay back down.  He did really great!  The transfers went really easy, Owen was my primary helper and he did a good job, but by the time David got back into bed he was very tired and looking a little pale.  He slept for a few hours, got up for an hour or two in the middle of the night and then back to sleep until morning.  I don't blame him, that's the longest he's been up since he got home!  Lots of milestones yesterday.  This morning he looked much better, I guess sleep is the answer to the paleness.

Today we had a party for Owen at Skateworld.  Tim stayed with Dave and my dad came over to replace the toilet.  Yes, the one I mentioned was leaking over a month ago. Thanks Dad's home repair service!  I finally took him up on his offer to help.  It was nice to get a little break out of the house.  I was going to come home mid-day to check on things but the guys kind of gave me a gentle ribbing before I left, "She doesn't trust us" so I just told them no parties and went about my way.  ;)  They were fine without me of course and I'm glad I didn't have to worry. 

A few friends from school, a few friends from life (because school isn't life?) and some family joined us for skating, pizza and cake and then we headed over to the movie theater so they could see The Secret World of Arrietty.  I drove some of them over to the mall but didn't stay because I felt like I had already been gone long enough but a couple of the mom's stayed because they wanted to see the movie too.  At the skating rink Owen bought some fake mustaches.  Apparently they were a big hit!

I love when they go along with stuff.  They aren't too cool for the silliness just yet, I hope they are NEVER too cool.  I adore these kids!

When I got home Dave was doing great so I made sure he was situated and then passed out for a little while.  Ah nap!  Then I woke up, Dave and I ate dinner, Owen came home and left again to stay at Tim and Rose's (good luck to them! He ate a lot of sugar today!)  and I fell asleep again.  No wonder I'm up in the middle of the night now. 

ALSO! Dave touched his right thumb to his right pinky tonight!  SQUEE! I asked how his dexterity was going and he lifted up his hand and showed me he could do it.  He looked almost as surprised as I was!  He's doing a good job of retraining things, I hope his strength continues to increase. 

I noticed just before he went to sleep that his left ankle and foot is looking a little swollen.  It wasn't yesterday so if it's still like that in the morning I'll call the hospice nurse and see if there's anything we should do for it.  For now he's sleeping pretty deeply.  I've walked in and out of there a few times and he hasn't woken up.  Usually he pops his eyes open.  Tired guy! 

We want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who helped make Owen's birthday so fantastic.  He really had a great birthday!  Dave's had a couple of busy days and he was thankfully around to see his boy turn into a teenager and now we're looking forward to David's birthday in a couple of weeks.  No matter how bleak things can get there is ALWAYS something to look forward to.

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