Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nap time!

The last couple of days have felt very busy and we've been very tired but we're still moving in positive directions. 

Yesterday the cleaning service came and REALLY cleaned the house.  I don't think the whole house has been swept/mopped/vacuumed all at the same time since we moved in!  Normally you just do a room or two at a time.  It's been so easy to spend a minute to tidy up, esp in the kitchen.  It's such a weight off my shoulders. Even Owen, who was uneasy about strangers cleaning his room, was pleased with the outcome. 

Today the physical therapist and nurse came over at the same time and we got Dave out of bed.  OUT OF BED!  For the first time in 2 weeks!  It was not without it's hiccups, I'll spare the sordid details but needless to say it did not go as planned and was more difficult than it needed to be because the sling they sent to cradle him was not ideal for his physical limitations.  He stayed in the chair for less than a half hour but he did get to go out to the living room for a bit which was nice to get him the heck out of the bedroom!  I'm really glad we did this test run today because we HAVE to do it on kind of a time line on friday. 

Friday we have to swap out the rental furniture.  I feel like I've mentioned this before but I'm too tired to go back and look so I'll just risk repeating myself (repeating myself is kind of what I do).  At the hospital the social worker or the case manager ordered the rental furniture through company A and hospice only works with company B. (probably good info for them to find out before ordering equipment)  Hospice is a not for profit and company B gives them a better rate, I don't blame them.  So I guess it's normal to have to change out the rentals.  Normal, but really frustrating.  ANYWAY, I called company B today and asked them to send out a couple different slings so the physical therapist can determine which would be best for David.  They said they will do that.  Friday morning we're doing the big swap.  I hope it goes more smoothly than today. When he was up in the chair his blood pressure dropped pretty low.  That's something we'll need to watch.

After the transfers David slept for about 4 hours solid.  I took advantage of the time and slept for a couple hours as well.  Nap time is awesome time.

Besides all that excitement (we can really only handle one exciting thing a day it seems) David is doing well.  His hands, which not back to "normal", are getting a little more dexterity.  Today he brushed his teeth by himself!  It's such a small thing in the grand scheme but when you're reliant on someone else for everything and you can finally do something for yourself it's HUGE!  YAY!

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