Sunday, February 26, 2012

One Month of Home

As of today David has been home for a month.  He got up in the chair again for a couple of hours and didn't have to recline at all.  Big change from the man that he was when he came home. 

It doesn't feel like it's been a month, it's gone by so quickly.  We're guardedly optimistic.  Not a lot of thoughts today.  My lower back is hurting and it's not all that comfortable to sit here. 

OH!  I did want to mention that we got a t-shirt in the mail from our friends in Arizona.  There was an American Cancer Society event today in Phoenix called Climb to Conquer Cancer.  The t-shirt is from their team, this is the back:

I knew they were sending a shirt but I didn't know it had his name on it. We had a good cry over it. We can't express how much the love and support means to us.  Thank you! 

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