Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Plan of Action

David had a pretty sleepy day. He took a couple of naps and every time he wakes up he apologizes for passing out.  HA!  It's good,  I feel like he does better when he gets good rest.  He went to bed at 10:30 tonight, hopefully tomorrow he'll have a longer awake day.  It seems to go every other day.  We heard from the doctor today.  He wants to see David as soon as he can be in the wheel chair comfortably for around 4 hours.  He anticipates that he will be able to do the Avastin (IV chemo) while he's there which takes about 90 minutes plus a dr's visit and transport time.  Dr Hauck's PA mentioned that we may be able to schedule for Dr Hauck to see him at the same time while he's getting the chemo.  Two (actually three) birds with one stone as it were.  The more we can get done with one excursion the better! 

Our nurse offered us a different possibility for why David had those seizures the day he came home.  We have been assuming it was because of the rough transfer (we haven't abandoned that possibility entirely) but she pointed out that he had gotten the Avastin a week earlier and sometimes with chemo the reactions the body has can linger so it could have been a combo of the chemo and the move that pushed him over the edge.  Seizure is one of the rarer but severe side effects of that drug.  It's always a possibility but since he's on the Ativan now hopefully that's under control. 

Dr also mentioned that Dave should go ahead and take the Temodar (pill form chemo) at the beginning of the month for 5 days (like last month) and to start taking the Coumadin again for the blood clots.  Finally!  Dave's left foot continues to swell a bit when he's up in the chair but the swelling doesn't seem to stick around for long which is a good sign.  We can handle that!  

Tomorrow Rose and I are going to go look at a cemetery that I want some information about. (Bless her for going with me for moral support) There was a place across town I drove by the other day and even though I thought I liked it from when David and I had driven by in the past I REALLY didn't like the idea of visiting there for a purpose some day.  It was just kind of a dreary place.  I'm not sure if it's the idea of visiting any cemetery or THAT cemetery but I think a final resting place should be at least pleasant.  It wasn't my cup of tea so the search continues.  I really really don't want to spend a lot of time dealing with this pre-planning stuff but one of the benefits of having David here is that he's willing and able to share his wishes with me.  Actually he's been pretty fantastic about it and we constantly make jokes about the otherwise difficult decisions.  For instance... what was the hymn his grandpa used to sing to his grandma when they bickered?  He doesn't remember but I'm sure SOMEONE in the family must.  He thought it was a primary hymn and while not necessarily appropriate he thought it would be funny to have it sung at his funeral.  Enough about that.  I realize it's probably hard for people to read about this because it makes it all the more real, and part of me feels like I'm going through the motions even though it doesn't seem all that real to me either.  I take some comfort in knowing that once these plans are made there is no rush on them and they don't expire so we can spend our time in better ways. 

So, new meds, an actual time frame to shoot for in the wheel chair, things to organize...

It will be nice to get him in the chair for longer on a regular basis.  I'm hoping to get him to help me make a big batch of mole one of these days!  Our last batch is finally gone and it's time to refill the freezer!  It's only a 5 or 6 hour process... ;)

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