Saturday, February 4, 2012

No News Is Good News

Nothing new really.  Just same old routine, weekends seem to be a little more quiet around here.  Dave is on day 4 of chemo and still seems to be doing well with it.  He's supposed to take it on an empty stomach just in case he gets nauseous but tonight we forgot until he had already eaten so he took it anyway.  No nausea! (whew) He's been so tired today, I feel like I say that every day but it's been even more noticeable.  He mentioned that he's sorry he had such a melancholy day.  There are definitely good days and bad days, the best we can hope for is more good than bad. 

Owen left bright and early (for us!) to get a haircut and go to my little brother's last basketball game then to a year end party at a make your own yogurt sundae shop.  We really had to twist his arm!  My mom came and stayed with Dave while I ran some errands, he pretty much slept the whole time she was here except for being up for a bit to eat lunch.  Thank heaven for left overs from dinners people have brought.  I don't think I've had to cook yet and that's been a huge help!  Oddly the kitchen seems to get just as messy, go figure. I imagine that soon I will be able to work cooking into my routine but it's just nice right now that I don't have to worry about it.

Dave and Owen's allergy symptoms seem to have gone away today.  Mine still linger.  I would have thought it was a cold except that my eyes were burny and my asthma kicked in a bit, that only happens with allergies.  No bubble for David just yet!

Hopefully tomorrow will be as uneventful!  

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