Friday, March 2, 2012

Sunshine and Chemo

Transport went fairly well today.   It was a little tricky getting him down the steps, they should have taken him down backwards. It actually didn't look that bad from inside the house but he told me later that he lurched forward and good thing he had a seat belt on!  ACK!  I told him I wish he hadn't actually told me about that part.  Getting him back in the house, which was the part we were really worried about, was the easy part.  The guy pretty much did it alone and the 2nd person just spotted him.  I was impressed.  He didn't even go right to bed when he got home.  In total he was in the chair about 5 hours again and when he got back into bed he didn't fall asleep right away, but did eventually take a nap.  I was just happy that the sun was out when he got outside so he got a few seconds of sun on his face.  It was sprinkling on the way home then it stopped until we got him inside and then it started raining pretty good.  GOOD TIMING! 

Chemo went as well as could be expected.  I also talked to the dr about the seizures being a potential side effect and he said he really doubts that David's seizures were from the avastin and he thinks they had everything to do with the way he was moved and that he wasn't very strong at that time.  That eased our minds a little.  The infusion took 90 minutes the first time but since he had no reactions they shortened the time to 30 minutes.  Not bad!  I had just enough time to get us lunch and for us to eat it then he was done and we had to wait another half hour for the transport to come back... had we known that we would have had transport notified sooner!  Oh well, one wall of the waiting room is a giant window that looks out on the parking lot and the hills behind it so we got a good scenic view... and some people watching while we waited.  Ooh and a puzzle. I'm a sucker for a puzzle.

Dr wants to start doing the chemo every 2 weeks so we got another appointment set up already.  Not sure when/if they'll do another MRI but they originally said it would be 4-6 weeks after radiation.  Since radiation lasted 2 days I imagine that time-frame went down the drain.  We're not TOO worried about it but it's in the back of our minds.

The Dr's care manager mentioned that it might be time for David to move off of hospice onto home health so he can get more physical therapy and occupational therapy.  We were both super apprehensive about that and had a lot of questions like will they have to swap equipment out again and will they change nurses and how will meds be covered.  Right now they get delivered, for home health I'd have to pick them up at the pharmacy which is just one more trip to the store I'd rather not have to make.  It's hard to get out of the house sometimes.  Saves on gas money though. ;)  She decided it would be best to call hospice and talk to our nurse.  She basically told them she doesn't think that's a good idea and that they'll make accommodations to get PT/OT in to support his needs.  We're glad his nurse went to bat for him because he doesn't feel like it's a good idea to go off hospice just yet.

Mostly they were just REALLY surprised to see him doing so well.  Keep in mind the last time they saw him he couldn't move his right arm at all and his left hand and arm were barely mobile.  He couldn't be upright in the chair at all and then they heard about his downhill slide when he went home.  David and I were talking about it earlier comparing it to how we see it like a video, gradual.  Especially to David he doesn't feel like he's made much progress at all even though I point out to him every day how far he's come..  The Dr sees it like snapshots and that makes it look like a much more dramatic change. 
Hopefully David tolerates this chemo well and we can continue to move forward.  As always I'll keep you all updated.  Thanks for going on this journey with us.  <3

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