Saturday, March 10, 2012


So remember last time when I said I felt like I don't get much accomplished?  Yeah... I may not actually have much forward momentum but I DO get a lot done that kind of keeps us in the moment without getting buried in stuff. 

Rose came over and helped clean the fridge this week. Thanks, Rose! We got rid of (I'm not kidding) something like nine pickle jars.  They were mostly different like dill and sweet and big and little and pre-sliced and relish.  The scary thing is that they were all expired and I know I've cleaned the fridge since then.  I probably figured pickles never go bad.  I really have no idea how that accumulation happened but it's amazing how much room you end up with when you get rid of all that.   That night Betsy's parents brought dinner and her dad rescued me from the pile of glass jars.  Thanks, Big Dog! I ran to Costco yesterday and I asked Dave if he wanted me to get anything specific.  He said, "Probably we need a big jar of pickles"  har har, funny guy.

Tuesday night Owen had a choir concert and Thursday night a band concert. Both went well, I love that I can pick his voice out in the choir since there are only 6 boys and in band he's first chair clarinet so I can always see him.  Tim came over both nights to hang out with Dave and we came home to the boys watching Basketball.  Cute boy stuff. We haven't watched basketball in a long time but it's probably good for Dave to get his blood pumping.  Watching sports gives you a good cardio workout, right? ;)  Dave was up in the chair both nights and we noticed that now both his feet swell when he's up, not just the left one.  It takes a little longer to go down now, in fact it's saturday and they are still a little swollen but not as bad.  The nurse thinks that's probably from the chemo. 

Last night my dad came over to start working on the ramp.  He got the first run of it framed out mostly and then came over today to finish.  Figures that yesterday was beautiful and today it's rainy.  Yay Oregon.  So last night I had my dad show me where in the flower bed I needed to dig stuff up because he has to build over it.  Now is probably not the ideal time to move bulbs that just bloomed but I did it and we'll see if they survive the move.  It figures that's the one spot in the yard that had the most plant material.  We had one plant there that has been dubbed "the squishy plant" that is actually 3 plants growing together (ice plant, stone crop and blue star creeper) plus some unauthorized clover here and there.  I also had to move my mini daisies, some newly planted alliums, a few bunches of crocuses and some pinks.  Hopefully some of it will come back.  On the bright side with so many creeping plants there were a lot of weeds in the middle of it all that went right into the yard debris container.  Normally it's hard to get them out of there. My body is a little sore today from doing all that last night but I'm glad it got done.  I think I needed a little manual labor, gets the stress out.

Owen is busy reading "The Man in the Iron Mask" for a project and since he downloaded it on the Kindle he didn't realize just how big the book is. (kindle doesn't show page numbers)  OOPS!  So he's been doing a lot of reading lately just to catch up.  He's also going to read "The Count of Monte Cristo" for this project (on Alexandre Dumas) so he'll be busy for a while.  At least he enjoys reading and he's very fast.  I've always considered myself a fast reader but Dave is faster than I am... and Owen's faster than both of us!  I guess instead of taking after one or the other of us he got my skills x dave's skills.  Lucky kid.

Dave is doing well.  He's been trying to practice his mobility and having the massage lady come in helps with that.  Next week he starts occupational therapy and they should be able to help him even further.  We're holding off on physical therapy right now until he gets a little stronger.  I know it seems silly because PT could probably help him get stronger but since he feels that motor skills are more important to start and he gets worn out if he does too much we're going to focus on one then the other.  He also has chemo again this thursday.  He'll actually be able to use the ramp so it will be much easier to get him out of the house.  Yay for less stress! 

Ok, lots to do today, I'll try to write more often, this week just kind of got away from me!

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