Monday, March 26, 2012

Is This Real Life?

This has been a rough weekend.  Everything with David is good, or as good as can be expected, but we've had some unexpected news that has set everything back to surreal mode.  I've mentioned our best friends Tim and Rose pretty regularly as they've been hand and hand with us through everything... Friday night Rose's dad, Ransom, had an aneurysm. 

We found out in kind of a funny and fittingly nerdy way as Owen had been playing a game online with Tim and Tim said he had to go because something was going on with Rose's dad.  Thankfully Owen told me and I immediately texted her and she said they didn't know what was going on but they were headed to the hospital.  Ahhh the hospital, we all know it too well at this point.  

David and Owen were fine at home so I settled David in, gave him his meds and the remote and a phone (all a guy needs, right?) and went down to the ER.  They called in the same Neurologist David has, Dr Hauck, as he's the go-to guy for aneurysms and he took Ransom immediately to surgery for a "coiling" procedure.  I waited around with the family (11 of us!) until around 2 am when he was finally moved to the ICU with the assurance from the Dr that everything went as well as it could have gone and that he expected Ransom to be in ICU for a couple of weeks.

Tim and Rose and their families have been our extended family for years..  David has been working for Ransom off and on for about 17 years. I was working for him as well when Dave and I got married and didn't quit until I went on bedrest while I was pregnant with Owen.  In fact... I was due March 12th (Nana's birthday) and Ransom INSISTED that my baby would be born on his birthday.  No way!  His birthday is Feb 17th, that's 3 weeks early!  After getting put on bedrest my Dr decided to induce... on Feb 16th.  The induction didn't work out as planned and at midnight Rose said, "The baby is going to be born on my dad's birthday!"  He jinxed me!  Sure enough, Owen was born on Ransom's 50th birthday.  He's really been something of a father figure to us over the years and David was glad that one of us could be there to offer support to his family while they're going through this scary time.  The whole time Dave was in the hospital Ransom would pop in to say hi and offer his love and support and sarcasm *snicker* to our otherwise monotonous days.  He and his wife, Tami, who is a nurse at the hospital, have been nothing but warm and welcoming and loving to us.  I was glad to be there and felt like I needed to be for a variety of reasons. We're very relieved to know that Dr Hauck is taking care of him.  He's really been a phenomenal dr to David, even though there wasn't a whole lot he could do for him.  We know he's in good hands.

Over the last 48 hours I've been to the hospital again and I hear from Rose and Tim on occasion with updates.  It sounds like he's very slowly getting his wits about him again although he's still very sleepy.  Dr said he'll likely backslide a little but that's perfectly normal and to expect it but don't be discouraged because it doesn't mean he's losing the battle.  Lucky for all of us who love him he's a stubborn kind of fella.

As for David... last night he was complaining a little about his side hurting, I was rubbing it and I must have pushed too hard (not hard at all but too hard for him) on a rib and he yelled out in pain.  He can't feel the skin but he's feeling something inside, I wonder if we bruised a rib somehow or something *shrug*.  Well after a while he let it slip that it ALWAYS hurts and that sometimes it just hurts more than others.  Doesn't he know that we have a million different kinds of pain meds up in this house with access to anything he needs?  I'm not sure why he doesn't tell me, I guess he just doesn't like to complain about things. I'm definitely tattling to the nurse!  So for now we've upped his morphine a little bit to try to keep ahead of it.  The last thing that guy needs is to be uncomfortable.

The plan for this week is to lay low, Owen's on spring break so I'll probably try to come up with something for him to do and then thursday is our big outing to the hospital/Dr for chemo and our lunch date and to visit Ransom since it's all at the same hospital.  I checked with Dr Hauck (imagine his surprise to see Tim, Rose and Me when he came to talk to Ransom's wife) and he said it was fine for David to pop into the ICU for a few minutes in his wheelchair after chemo.

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  1. Sure appreciate you taking a break from your own drama to come be with us, it was really good to have you there.