Friday, March 2, 2012

39th Birthday Eve

Dave's doing pretty well today, he's just tired as can be expected.  His color is still good and he's stayed in bed today since he'll likely be up for a while tomorrow for his birthday.  YAY! BIRTHDAY!

Not a ton to report except that we're just really beyond grateful for the care and love we're receiving from everyone.  From our friends and family and dave's work and my dad's work and our son's school.  It's really been overwhelming (in a good way) and we just can't say thank you enough. 

We're still getting dinners brought to us for a few more days.  I think I've cooked twice in the 38 days we've been home.  I don't remember if I mentioned it but tomorrow he requested party potatoes with dinner.  My Nana makes a mean party potato recipe (it's kind of like potatoes au gratin only... party-er..) We're looking forward to a day of lots of family and being up in the chair and getting to enjoy David's company. 

Luckily this type of chemo (even both types together) don't make him sick to his stomach and won't make him lose his hair (more than normal).  He still takes an anti-nausea pill with it but so far it hasn't given him even a little bit of queasiness.  Mostly it just makes him tired which is to be expected.  The Dr actually said this combo of chemo meds is a little bit "off the reservation" as he put it.  It's not exactly typical but his cancer isn't typical either.  They did a clinical trial but the results haven't been published yet, they just know enough to know that it's "safe" to give them together but not necessarily what the long term outlook is with that combo of drugs.  I'm sure eventually we'll find out.

Oh, and a correction from yesterday.  I said they mentioned they would do a scan 4-6 weeks after radiation.  I meant 4-6 months!  details details...

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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