Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Already?

I can't believe it's April.  It's been 3 months since David went into the hospital.  I'm not sure we thought we were going to get this far but he's still here and doing better than expected.  He doesn't get up in the chair very often still because of the swelling in his legs but the dr said it's probably ok to let them swell a little bit so that he actually gets more time in the chair.  It's kind of a mental block for us because the swelling I guess is not too severe but it's not normal to us so we're being cautious.

Next time David goes in for Avastin (the iv chemo) will be April 12th and he'll also get an MRI on that day. It's going to be a very long day.  Chemo takes a couple hours then we'll have time for lunch and then a break then the MRI.  I say "the" like it's one but they're scanning his back, lumbar, thoracic, neck and head then they're doing it again with contrast. Hopefully we can convince them to just let him leave in the IV from chemo so they don't have to poke in a new one to put in the contrast.  All those scans will take a couple of hours then Dr Hauck will go over the results with us right then.  So we're looking at around 3 hours for all that.  Plus the 2 hours for chemo in the morning plus the couple hours in the middle for lunch or relaxing or adventuring around, maybe outside to see the river... whatever. Luckily David gets to lay down for the MRIs and he can recline for chemo if he's tired so I'm sure it will be fine.  We're eager to see what the scans say.  Has it just stopped growing?  Has it shrunk?  Has it... who knows.  Well... I guess we will know in a couple of weeks!

Yesterday he started the next round of Temodar, the at home "do it yourself" chemo. *snicker*  5 days of that.  Yay... It always weirds me out because I'm not supposed to touch it, like I have to wear gloves or drop it into the lid without touching it, but he puts it in his mouth!  Luckily it still doesn't make him sick, just tired.  Tired we can handle.  We have places to nap. ;) 

Sunday my mom and Betsy came over to help clean some things. Last week was so hectic that I felt like I was getting buried in chores that I couldn't find time to do.  Mom brought lunch and cleaned the kitchen (brave woman!) and Betsy put her organized teacher skills to work to help me clean out the closet in the computer room (Yay! Ariana actually has a place to put her stuff) and the linen/junk closet in the hall.  It's amazing, THINGS FIT IN THERE!  Who knew!  <3  Thanks Mom and Betsy!

Ariana moved in sunday night.  Monday morning was kind of a comedy of errors.  I told her she could drive our truck to school since no one else is driving it.  Well it hasn't been driven in a couple of months so sunday night I went out and started it.  It started up like a charm so I let it run for a minute (literally a minute) and turned it off.  Yeah... I should have driven it around for a while.  Monday morning it wouldn't start.  I probably used whatever there was left of the battery on sunday night when I started it.  I ended up having to take her to school.  She apologized but it was totally my fault and I should have known better.  Oh well, lesson learned.  This morning I jumped the truck with an instant jump thing and drove it around a bit.  It has some quirks but it will hopefully get her where she needs to go without incident.  *fingers crossed*  I put the jumper in the truck just in case she has a hard time this afternoon but it should be ok.  If not I guess I'll go down and help her out.   She's only been here a couple of nights but already she's been so helpful.  It's nice to have her around even though she'll likely not be here that often.  Busy college girl with a heavy class load.  French, a couple chem classes and a couple physics classes plus a job and lab hours.

I went back to the hospital Saturday because Ransom ended up having to have another surgery.  His brain pressure was too high so they removed a bit of skull to relieve some swelling.  A week before this surgery Dr Hauck mentioned it was likely that things would get worse before they get better but I'm not sure if this was in the plan or not.  I'm thankful that they have such a close family and that they have come together to support each other in such significant ways during this time.  I know that together they'll get through whatever path this adventure takes them down.  I wish we could be there more and it's hard to know how much to text or call without bugging people... now I know how they feel about contacting us!  I just know that even if there isn't anything we could do at the hospital sometimes it's just nice to have people there with you for support.  We're very blessed to have such amazing friends and we love them and want them to know they're always in our thoughts and prayers. 

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