Monday, April 23, 2012


So the plan for the central line is still in place!  I guess that means they're going to stick with that plan.  In anticipation of the procedure on wednesday they drew some blood to test his blood thinner levels.  It's called an INR which is a measure of how thick the blood is.  1 is normal, lower than that means clotting and if you're susceptible to clots they want your levels around 2 or 3 while on meds.  David's level, with blood thinners, is still 1.1.  Now he's going off the thinner for a few days so I'm anticipating that they'll up his dose to get up to that therapeutic level. I guess we'll wait to see!

We're looking forward to getting this week over with.  Drs appointments like crazy!  Of course the days we're leaving the house are the days it's supposed to rain again.  That figures.  It's nice that the weather has been lovely but Dave gets uncomfortable if he gets too warm and it i sn't quite warm enough to put the air conditioner in the window just yet.  My whole goal is to keep him comfy but I don't imagine that having cold air blowing in on him would be that great for him either!  I did give him a summer haircut so that helps him a little.

Ooh wednesday Owen is going to Newport for a band festival.  The 8th grade band is actually going but they are short on clarinets so Owen and another 7th grade clarinetist have been invited to go as well as a few other 7th graders.  I hope it's fun for him as he's missed a lot of other classes (usually science I think) to practice with the 8th grade band!  I also hope his science grade isn't suffering because of it!

Fingers crossed for a good week!

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