Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Note and a Poem

I really haven't had time/energy to write much lately and frankly I still don't but I wanted to toss up a quick note. 

David has chemo and MRI tomorrow so it's going to be a long day.  I'll try to post tomorrow night with the results of the MRI as we're meeting with the neurologist right after the scan.  That's service! 

Owen had an orthodontist appointment monday and it looks like he may get his braces off a few months early if things keep going as well as they're going for him.  Originally the dr said 20 months but it's been 6 months and I swear they're practically perfect already.  Dr didn't give us an estimate but said "several months early"  I wonder if that means we get a price reduction since the price seems to be marginally related to length of time.  I guess we'll find out! 

Today I had parent/teacher conferences with all 3 of his teachers and I snuck in visits with the principal, vice principal and school counselors as well as harassing my step-mom a little who is also a teacher at his school.  I had to let my social butterfly side shine a little while I had the chance.  Owen is doing pretty well, his grades are slipping a little (3 b's which I think I mentioned before) and David has mentioned that it was about 7th grade that he started losing interest in school as well.  UGH!  Don't tell me these things! (although it was pretty much the same for me as well)  Anyway when I ask Owen about it he says things like "I turned things in late because I wasn't being responsible."  Well.. that kind of deflates anything else I wanted to say because he just owns up to it.  He has this teenager stuff figured out. ;)  His teachers take good care of him and are aware of everything going on and they watch him.  I appreciate that more than they know.

Owen wrote a poem for class that he showed us tonight.  I love his "voice" when he writes and I wanted to share. 

Outside By Owen Wach

Outside I see
warmed, cracked concrete,
flying, crispy dead brown leaves.
Sunflower seeds, long forgotten yet still hiding.
a dusty vacant playing field,
and unkempt rogue moss,
growing 'tween the cracks,
of the warmed, cracked concrete

Outside I hear
frantic hushed whispering,
shoes squeaking on metal
outside I hear
the honking,
the honking of Canadian geese,

Outside I smell
A chilly breeze,
Outside I smell
pungent freshly cut grass.
from an exhaust-smelling

Outside I wondered;
I saw an
unused playing field,
I wondered,
how long since it's last use?
that dusty field.
how long has it been since the stands,
those metal stands,
have been used by
sunflower seed eating
of people?

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