Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today we decided that since David has chemo/MRI next thursday when he'll have to be out of the house for 8 or so hours we should build up to being in the chair for a long time.  He got out of bed around 1 today and just went back around 8:15.  Just over 7 hours isn't bad.  That's pretty close to the longest he's ever been in the chair.  He's tired!  We've determined that the Temodar really makes him tired more than the Avastin, or maybe it's the combo of the two since the A is already in his system while he's taking the T.  In any case it's kind of his tired week.  Today is his last day of Temodar for April though so that's good.  

We kept his feet elevated most of the time and he had to be reclined more than "normal" but his feet are barely swollen.  I guess for now when he's in the chair we'll just have them in the down position while in motion or in transport but we'll put them up when he's in one place, that seems to keep the swelling down more.

Ariana is just about done with her first week back at school, it's been really nice having her here.  She's not here all that often and she's tidy and helpful and chipper which is a good energy to have around.  Tuesday when I spent the afternoon/evening at the hospital I was a little worried about what they were going to do for dinner so I left money for pizza but I got a text from her saying she was going to make dinner.  That was so helpful! 

Owen is just ending a grading period at school.  It looks like he's got A's and B's.  Unfortunately the B's are in math and science which... well... that shouldn't have happened.  On the one hand I feel like I should be paying more attention to his school work and on the other hand I feel like he's 13 and should have a grasp on it by now.  Not getting full points for homework when you only get graded on whether or not you did it is just unacceptable to us.  He really doesn't get that much homework (I should bite my tongue).  My parent/teacher conference is on wednesday (day before chemo) Normally you choose 2 teachers to meet with but I asked to please schedule me for one more so I can meet with all 3.  Well actually he has 5 teachers but I don't feel like I need to meet with the band or choir teachers.  Go figure.   I know, some of you are probably thinking that B's aren't bad.  That's true, but we know what he's capable of and he should have no problem getting straight A's. This material is not difficult, he's just not doing it.  He's bored and/or would rather play on the computer.  lol...  dunno where he gets that trait *whistles*

My Nana took me to get the truck today. (Thanks, Nana!)  Did I mention that the truck battery died so Ariana couldn't get home and has gotten rides from me or a friend all week?  Yeah, that stinks.  I ended up just calling Les Schwab to come out and replace the battery and it started up just fine.  Whew!  What a pain in the neck that was!  That's what I get for just letting the truck sit in the driveway for 3 months without driving it anywhere... my bad. ;)  Lesson learned. Actually I just really dislike driving it.  It's a stick.  I CAN drive it, I just don't like to.  I kind of have to get over that.

Owen gets a three day weekend this week!  Hooray!  Let's see what kinds of chores I can come up with. ;) 

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