Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

What a nice Mother's Day weekend!  Yesterday Ariana and Owen made breakfast and lunch and held down the fort so I could go get a haircut.  Ariana also mentioned they were handling dinner so not to worry about that.  A whole day of no cooking, YAY!  They also cleaned the house, boy did they clean it!  The kitchen has a counter again. It's a mother's day miracle!  *snicker*  She hauled Owen off to the park and they wandered around taking pictures.  Around 5:30 they told us they were leaving, I asked if they were getting stuff for dinner and she said yeah... and that they'd text us.  About 15 minutes later she texted to say she was taking Owen to a movie and they ordered dinner to be delivered around 6 and happy date night!  Awww, cute.  Thanks kids! What a thoughtful thing to do.  It was much appreciated.

Dave however spent "date night" napping.  His neck is still really bothering him.  I've been trying to massage it as often as I can but it's not really helping much.  It reminds us of when he was first having back pain (which we later discovered to be a tumor) but it hurt so much even after being massaged that he was sleeping on the floor to try to get some relief.  I'm hoping this neck thing is just sore muscles but it's possible that it's from the fluid building up.   He's also very puffy still.  His skin is so tight, it's like we could poke him with a pin and he'd deflate... but sadly it's not quite that easy. 

He's been doing relatively well, he got up in the chair today and I think that helps his neck a little but kind of puts stress on the rest of his body so it's kind of a toss up.  He gets much more swollen in the chair and doesn't actually normalize when he's laying down so... we're trying to figure out which of his ailments we can do something about and which we just have to try to make him comfortable with.  It's a balancing act I suppose. 

Today I discovered that not only is Owen taller than me, but he's taller than me when he's barefoot and I have shoes on!  GAH!  It's like he's growing a half an inch a month or something.  He's also super hungry all the time.  I didn't know that started at 13 but apparently it does.  I suspect he'll end up having a growth spurt soon.  I remember my brother growing so fast his legs hurt, I'm hoping that doesn't happen, we don't need both boys being uncomfortable! I guess I do have lots of pain meds up in here though... (I'm totally kidding) Actually if they're both hurting I'm gonna take the pain meds. ;) HA!

Today was like... stupid hot.  Especially in our un-airconditioned house.  Luckily none of our allergies have been that bad, knock on wood, so we have all the windows open with a fan trying to get some movement going.  I'm pretty sure it's cooler outside at this point.  I got a couple hanging baskets for mother's day and when I went to put them up I realized I have some wasps making a nest under the eave.  YICK!  I'm going to go spray them soon since it's dark out and I can get all of them at once while they're sleeping... not a very happy mother's day for the wasp family.  hehe

 So this week I have a dentist appointment (yay), Owen has an orthodontist appointment, Ariana has a midterm, Dave has nurses that come about 5x a week for different things and we'll probably ask the massage therapist to come over again.  Thursday is a Peacemakers concert we're thinking of going to.  Well I'm taking Ariana (all ages show) and we're hoping that Dave will be able to go but we're waiting to hear back from the oncologist about how low he thinks Dave's immune system is and if it's safe for him to go.  If he is in the wheel chair and rocks a mask probably no one will bug him, right?!  Oh yeah and I have a PTO meeting on thursday... hmm... conflict... I'll figure it out. It's going to be a busy week!  Let's hope the temps don't soar too high and everyone can have a successful week!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies and Mommies-To-Be!

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