Friday, June 28, 2013


Man it's been hot the last couple of days. We've got the air conditioner in the bedroom so it stays relatively comfortable for Dave which is nice.

Let's see where I left off. Oh the bed! We got them to return it. They took a little cut of it, 15% of the shipping cost which turned out to be something like $100. I called UPS to see if they were pulling my leg but nope... shipping really was that expensive.  Oh well. Lesson learned and it makes for a funny story.

The 8th grade party was amazing! Chairing that committee wasn't my best choice as far as stress goes but it went off wonderfully. Along with all the parent volunteers that helped make it happen I called in my secret weapon, Ariana!  That girl! I know she's just as uptight about things being "just so" as I am in some ways and when I gave her a job she took that thing over and did fantastic things with it. I don't know that I would have survived that night with my sanity intact without her.

A couple weeks later David ventured out with us on a non-dr's appointment trip to Owen's 8th grade graduation. It was just a quick trip down the street but it meant a lot to all of us. He got to see the band and choir (both of which Owen is in) perform one song each which is great since he wasn't able to see any of those performances live.

Owen is now done with middle school and on to High School. EEK! He finished off this year with a 3.86 GPA which is so fantastic, especially given everything that's going on at home. In the fall he will be doing Marching Band and Chess Club... what a nerd... don't know where he picked up the nerdiness from. *whistles* *snicker*

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