Friday, January 18, 2013

Back to "Normal"

David is feeling a little better.  His throat is still a little sore and his stomach is still a little sensitive but mostly he's on the mend.  His blood got tested again and his level is down to 2.3 so he starts back on Coumadin tomorrow but half as much as he was taking before, trying to keep his level where it is instead of spiking it back up. 

As for the not passing urine problem that was an issue with the catheter that got taken care of.  It basically wasn't completely draining his bladder which led to other issues.  We're thankful for a couple of things... that he's already on anti-biotics which staved off a major infection because of that issue AND he has been saying he trained his whole life for such a thing to happen.  By that he means that he used to drink a few (yes, few) large convenience store sodas every day and sometimes did the same on long car rides so his bladder was nice and stretched out and prepared for being full! HA!

Needless to say he's more comfortable overall.  The tricky thing about paralysis is that he can't really FEEL that there's a problem but his body knows there's an issue and makes him feel out of sorts. He can't pinpoint the cause but he can indicate that there's definitely a problem.

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet around here. Olive hasn't really left David's bed since his treatment on Wednesday, she's so sweet. 

Just wanted to drop a quick "all's quiet on the western front" note since I was a little stressed yesterday when I posted.  So... All's quiet on the western front! 

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