Thursday, July 26, 2012

C3P0's Fruit Loops?

I FINALLY PAINTED!  Peacock Blue, we love it!  I know you're all really interested...  I actually only painted one wall which is all I was going to do, but I also moved a couple things in our room around which gives us a tiny bit more room and less places to put clutter (I moved a bookshelf out).  We also got an air purifier and a new vacuum to try to help cut down on allergens/irritants. They are grade 2 medical devices so I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that we can write them off as medical expenses but I suppose I'll have to talk to a tax accountant about that.  So far so good.  I've noticed that Dave's sleep apnea isn't as bad and my allergy induced asthma symptoms haven't been as bad.  All pluses!  I hated spending the money on it but I think it was a good long term investment.

David is doing fairly well.  He's taking a lot more advil to try to get rid of the neck pain.  If it's muscular aches that should help if it's not muscular then the morphine would be better.  It's kind of a guessing game so we're just guess and checking until we figure it out.  The massage nurse suggested heat but um... it's been 80+ and the last thing he wants is MORE heat. 

Mostly it's been a low key week.  Except for my whirlwind project of painting and now there are boxes of books everywhere (fantastic!) because I haven't put them back on the shelf yet, dust, yay. OH and the toilet tank in Owen's bathroom has started leaking like the one in our bathroom did when Dave was in the hospital.  My dad is helping us replace this one too but it's just another pain in the neck thing I wish we didn't have to deal with.  This year has been full of them but I guess on the bright side... new toilet.  yay?  I'm not sure why that feels low key to me even though things are a little hectic.  Maybe because Dave is doing well.

Not a lot to report this week on the medical front which I'm actually really thankful for.  No noticeable progression of Dave's paralysis.  Owen has been great, I'm hanging in here and getting a few things done.... oh, yesterday I realized that I haven't taken my thyroid medicine (I have an underactive thyroid) for... well... so long that I don't remember. Months.  Not that I just don't bother taking it but I honestly just FORGOT that I was supposed to.  I guess my priorities have been somewhere else.  No wonder I've been feeling kind of run down and have been gaining weight and such.  Here I thought I was just eating poorly (ok, that too) I keep talking about going back to boot camp and the more I talk about it the more serious I get about it.  I sent my trainer a message, that's the first step, right?  But might have to just go in and talk to him.  I figure if I tell more people about it I will have to stop making excuses. ;)  It's hard to think about doing that kind of thing when you have no energy... even though I know I'd have more energy if I were exercising.  Funny how that works, right?  I'd probably sleep better too.  I fell asleep at 4 am, woke up at 6:30 to turn Dave and had a hard time getting back to sleep them up again at 10.  This is getting pretty typical. 

Now for your weekly installment of David's Journal


My favorite cereals are C3P0's Fruit Loops and Sugar Smacks.  I don't like all cereals because they don't taste good like cheerios and kicks and all sorts of yucky things like that because they taste like dry cat food and saw dust and when you put milk on them they go soggy and limp like a wet noodle and yuck. They really taste sicko! That's why I never eat them! 

Who doesn't have an aversion to soggy cereals.  I'm unclear what cat food and saw dust taste like but apparently it's like bland cereal.  hehe It's funny that those are the ones he lists as his favorites but he has never let Owen have those sugary cereals.  It was a different time I suppose!

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